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What Can I Eat If I Have Type “2 Diabetes”?

How does type 2 diabetes influence nourishment?
Living with type 2 diabetes influences the manner in which your body utilizes macronutrients. “Type 2 diabetes basically impacts the manner in which the body measures carbs,” says Shannon Leininger, RD, a diabetes care and instruction expert in Las Vegas.
With a healthy pancreas, the cycle goes this way: You eat food varieties with starches, which are separated into sugar in the body. The sugar enters the circulation system, and the body reacts by delivering insulin. The insulin helps move the sugar out of the circulation system and into the body’s cells to be utilized as fuel.
“In somebody with diabetes, the body doesn’t create sufficient insulin—so the sugar stays in the circulation system,” Leininger clarifies. “This is an issue on the grounds that having an excessive amount of sugar in the circulation system is exceptionally harming to the body.”
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