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Six travel Beginners share their tips and predictions for 2021

Looking for tailor-made stays not to be quarantined, glotraender shares the ideas of six travel industry insiders who reveal how they will travel in the year ahead. Oliver’s Travels, co-founders Oliver Bell and Ravi Sabharwal Oliver Bell said: “If you have Airmiles then is now a good time to use them because there is much more availability than usual (usually, it is quite difficult to find flights that are suitable for the dates you want to travel).


Most airlines offer free cancellation if you can’t fly due to Covid so I’m booking Bali with a Singapore stopover for the summer holidays knowing I can easily cancel at zero cost. Ravi Sabharwal says: “I will still visit France in 2021. my family was able to leave for a brilliant week at our exclusive château Le Brun in July. I trust we will be able to return to another of the same eccentric and wonderful life at a given time this peak season. I was encouraging travel with Eurotunnel the Shuttle because we were able to travel quickly, safely, and observe social dis distance measures. “in 2021, we hope to be able to travel to Asia. We love Asian culture, cuisine, and quality of accommodation.

It’s somewhere you can fill in on inspiration design. The need for quarantine will not stop us, we will continue to travel as long as the restrictions allow us and encourage others to do the same where they can safely. “We advise people to consider Puglia as a destination for the coming year.

It offers plenty of space, two amazing seas, and much more. Here and other destinations that are not overcrowded like Australia or the Alps. Onee luxury travel founder and CEO, honor Takmak, a new B2B booking platform “while travel will probably continue to be different in 2021, I am firmly optimistic that we will see a resurgence of personal travel in the coming months. Looking at where to travel in 2021, an important factor is to think about how to minimize exposure risks. “like many, this next year, I find myself opting for more isolated escapes less known or less populated and that can promise comfort, safety, and security.


“For me, private individual villas, areas, and private islands promise tranquility and tranquility, while guaranteeing high-quality standards, services, and security measures. Personally, I look forward to returning to Greece, Barbados, and Scandinavia with a handful of close friends and family. “there are several factors that will require travel in the foreseeable future, including travel methods and destinations that have reduced cases, have good health systems and measures in place for testing. “of course, it is important to continue following government messages around new travel restrictions and corridors. That said, as telework becomes the norm, work abroad has never been so attractive (Or easy).

“We have already seen a huge rise in the extended holidays-especially the long-term villa rental holidays-made even easier in some countries with the introductions of new visas. work to short term» frankly, if I can go to Mexico for a month and keep working, why not? Whether or not there are forty 14 days when you return to the UK. “I would advise you that when preparing your next trip for 2021, you ask for advisory assistance.

Tailor-made stays organized by industry experts promise Luxury Escapes in upscale accommodations with lots of amenities, high-quality standards, And safety. “well-advised trips have never been more important in my opinion, and working with an agent or tourist helps ensure that your bases are covered in case of ground emergency or cancellations must be done before departure.


Phil air-mash, CEO of the Inspiring Travel Company “I am very confident that with the progress in testing and treatment (in addition to all the excellent air and hotel hygiene policies we have already seen), The We will be able to return to widespread trips in 2021 and confidently do so to a wide range of destinations. For me, the Maldives is the ultimate social distancing Destination.

“The insulation is luxurious, and nothing represents the recovery and relaxation of an idyllic holiday more than sharing a water villa with your nearest and expensive. The villa has a straight slide in the Indian Ocean – like in Soneva Fushi, for example – is a highlight. ‘The Caribbean, like so many destinations, focusing heavily on tourism for their local economy so I look forward to going out and starting to support our partners and friends again. The ITC has a deep heritage in the Caribbean, and so going out to Antigua and visiting our wonderful team and suppliers is incredibly important. “enjoy hotels, the beaches, and hospitality again is something I can’t wait for fair-it’s also where I honeyed, So take a little special place in my heart. “I think after repeated locking, there will be a huge desire to travel in 2021.

Finding availability for your destinations, experiences and Dream Hotels will be difficult, with everyone looking to escape their sofas all at once. “my top advice would be to book with tour operators who can provide the flexibility and reassurance most need in these times, The And also get the best offers and guaranteed availability through industry contacts. Make sure you don’t miss out on all the things we’ve loved the trips we’ve all dreamed of for so long.


Nigel Franklyn, whisper Spa and co-founder of foam well-being advice. His next project is the holistic retreat of well-being, King’s Mansion, Goa “in 2021, most of my trips will be for Indian labor and Southeast Asia. But I will keep my local holidays-Italy, France, Portugal, Greece and Spain. “I think Europe, in general, has a clearer and more manageable way to control the pandemic and make visitors feel calmer. Greece, for example, has a 17-page state regulation mandate issued by the ministry of tourism which has so far managed to keep C19 numbers low and tourists safe, and I believe that the same type of controlled response is clear across Europe.

“when you are on vacation, you should have faith that the hotel has the information and tools it needs for regulatory security management, and that information and tools come from a well-organized government response. “major travel drivers have changed now. People are wondering if long-term travel is essential. Medical health destinations are seeing a progressive positive response from international customers because they tend to favor positively on the side of Essentiel travel. “travel for a purpose-especially work or well-being sees less affected by the general anxiety of going too far from home, So I think these trips are the ones to give priority.

“From a purely practical my best advice is to understand the pandemic climate, in the country where you go and arrive, you may be able to travel to a particular destination, but can you go home? “I had some experiences this year when I had to shorten my trip for fear of not being able to go home without quarantine, or do I think it will continue to be a question mark in the coming months, so the preparation is the key. it goes without saying that we all eat for the day when we can ride on a plane to explore and enjoy different adventures and destinations.


On my bucket list for sure would rediscover the old continent. In Europe, in many ways, there are still many interesting and undiscovered corners and safe destinations. In a world where cancellations occur and travel restrictions change all the time, choosing a short distance destination allows you to find a way back home if necessary. “living in Portugal made me appreciate the little one, the fincas, and the strange mottes even more during the pandemic. The beaches are the spectacular and casual-the slower pace of life suits me well.


Six Senses of the Douro Valley or the Craveiral farm of Alentejo are both great choices. “Italy is always a must-have-there are some spectacular places, such as Capri, Amalfi, Puglia, and Taormina. Spending a little time there last summer was amazing, life felt a little normal. The hotels and staff were amazing, especially at Villa Carlotta in Taormina. “were prepared and everything was spectacularly clean and the staff made you feel safe and appreciated all the time. Other favorites include the beautiful Asmundo di Gisira Art hotel in Catania or Casa Angelica, my long-time favorite in Amalfi. “equally, less-discovered destinations like Bulgaria, which was one of the countries with the lowest Covid cases.

When I visited this summer, life really felt normal with very low infections during the summer and with less limitations, you can really enjoy the beautiful beaches, the amazing spas and great food and wine. “once removed from the stereotyped mass all-inclusive locations there is an abundance of unspoiled nature, beaches, Thermal baths, and beautiful hotels. In the Bay Obzor of the cliff, Sevtopolis Rose Valley, and St Konstantin and Elena you can experience a very different and pleasant holiday.

“And of course there are the Nordics; exploring the Fjords of Norway and the buzzing streets of Stockholm and Copenhagen. My favorite spot in Stockholm is the AtSix hotel. In Copenhagen, the new Copenhagen Villa is a great choice and in Oslo, Americanlijenen is fantastic.

“Being an urban junkie, I have had to adapt my travel habits and discover some more remote and safe places. As we don’t know when we will be able to fully enjoy travel again I suggest traveling by car, which is a safer option and gives you that road trip experience. Pick hotels that have lots of outdoor space and terraces, with great spa facilities.

“My choice for 2021 will be oriented on wellness and wellbeing. Covid gave us an opportunity to rethink the way we do things and how we holiday so I will be looking at places with my wellness program in mind and at places where I can work remotely and stay longer, taking advantage of the staycation.”

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