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The hidden meaning « behind 11 » of the most iconic (bridgerton) fashion options

Netflix’s new original series, « Bridgerton », is full of wet streaks, lunatic balls, exciting gossip, and sensational fashion. the show, which was adapted from Julia Quinn’s best, selling novels, follows the social season in Regent London, and so far more than 63 million viewers have tuned in. produced by Shondaland and created by Chris Van Dusen, the focus of « Bridgerton’s » is in the box, But the audience is also delighted with the show’s « Bridgerton » fashion wardrobe does not mimic the exact clothing and style options of the 1813 Regency London.


Instead, costume designer Ellen Mirojnick referred to color pallets, fabrications, and silhouettes of the 1950s and 1960s, according to (Vogue). I looked at the Regency period in London through drawings and paintings. It gave us A taste and then tried to look at the different silhouettes and shapes while we knew this had to be aspirational, unlike being historically accurate « he told (Vogue.)

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at the end of the season, more than 7.500 costume pieces were designed and created-some inlaid with hidden meaning. throughout the season, the audience presents themselves to different families and their styles. at the end of the season, it is clear that each family approaches to fashion and colors, as noted by Claudia Willen, Insider’s entertainment reporter.

color choices have been intentional, and the shades that families wear reveal hidden things about each family. in almost every episode, Bridgertons are spotted with subdued colors. there is a lot of light blue, green, and silvers, with a light pink of Eloise Bridgerton (played by Claudia Jessie) nowadays and nowadays. « they are the eminent family of the social season, so we wanted their color palette to be light-these blue, bristle and pale greenery that feel whispers of color, » Mirojnick told Vogue Bridgertons. these pale colors symbolize class and standing.

more, Production designer Will hues-Jones said south of life that the most common blue worn by Bridgerton is Wedgwood Blue. this shade of blue was commonly found in fine English China at the time and strengthens the concept of class. feathers carry the brightest colors throughout the season. the mother, Portia (played by Polly Walker) is not afraid of color and adorns herself and her girls in bold brushes, purple, green, and jaunts. /Portia/ gives them the tone with family, And their color palette is too citrus because she wants these girls to be seen.

It may be too much, but that’s not on purpose. She thinks they look beautiful, « Mirojnick told Vogue in the meantime, it was an intentional decision taken by Mirojnick to cover women head-to-toe brilliant, Bold colors.


the decision is designed to represent the family’s new money and also means they are outsiders of the upper-class. as Willen previously reported for Insider, the Hastings family color palette is red and gold, which is described in Quinn’s book « The Duke and this little detail was taken to the show, where viewers often see Simon Basset (played by Regé-Jean Page) using this royalty.

Simon’s colors is also seen using many dark colors, which could also symbolize her problematic past. once Daphne Bridgerton (played by Phoebe Dynevor) And Simon are officially married, Daphne starts using purple. tones this color change symbolizes the change she is experiencing in real life.

When mixing blue (its old color) with red (Simon color), it gets purple. the color indicates that it is slowly starting its own family. Mirojnick told Vogue that he intentionally wore the cut-outs instead of dresses with straight lines or high necks throughout the exhibition. this decision was made to help characters look sexy, fun, and playful. « We pay close attention to the neckline and how the bust fits, instead of having a straight line that won’t let you see the body, » Mirojnick told Vogue.

This show is sexy, fun, and much more accessible than its average retained period drama, and it’s important that the opening of the denotes reflect that. » in episode four, Daphne wears a shiny necklace that was given to her by Prince Friedrich (played by Freddie Stroma). in the ball, Daphne is fleeing to the Moonlight Garden where the necklace tears off. the Duke of Hastings, Simon, finds her outside where a scandal occurs.


Reddit user Society101 noted the intentional removal of the collar. The necklace is never mentioned again, but symbolizes Prince Friedrich. and the removal of the jewelry prefigures the end of its relationship. « it became clear that the necklace represented the Prince himself, a very valuable gift that was thrown aside for no other reason except that it was not suitable for Daphne no matter the beauty, » Society101 wrote.

in episode three, Queen Charlotte, played by Golda Rosheuvel, Takes a huge afro to one of the balls. This hairstyle was intentionally chosen to symbolize Queen Charlotte’s background, as historians believe it was the first royal of England’s mixed race, according to Insider’s Willen. by Willen de Insider, The bee is an important symbol along « Bridgerton. »

the show does not explain how Edmund Bridgerton died, but according to Quinn’s novels, Edmund died of a bee sting. the show is full of bee references, and a real bee brings the series to a full circle, with both the opening and final scenes fixed on the insect. another bee reference is found in the cupboard of Benedict Bridgerton. Benedict (played by Lucas Thompson) is seen with embroidered bees in his coat and collar. this bee is another reference to the father of the son.

Penelope (played by Nicola Coughlan) almost always looks bright yellow. although Penelope admits that he doesn’t even like color, bright color offers many ideas about the character. in the first place, yellow is usually associated with joy, optimism, and hot-all things Penelope seems to imprison when we first met her. his kindness with Marina Thomspon (Played by Ruby Barker) when the other begrudgingly feathers took it is just one of the many examples of Penelope’s positivity.


but yellow also means caution. It’s a sign that characters and audiences must be cautious of Penelope. when the show shows that she is Lady whistle, it is apparent that the characters should have been cautious of what they said and told Penelope throughout the show. throughout the season, there’s an abundance of feathers. They sew on clothes, add on hairs, and shake like fans but in episode three, cages also appear with these feathers.

Insider Willen’s reported that these birdcages and the feather that carries his hair could be a metaphor for how women were limited by the rules of society in the 19th century. in the ball, which the cast and the team dubbed « The Bird ball », Daphne dances around a room full of birds, peacocks, and straws. birds represent women, and cages are society. rules later in the season, another reference reinforces this meta for.

« I have never understood the fashion of feathers in the hair, » says Eloise to Penelope in episode five. « . Why would a woman want to draw more attention to the fact that it’s like a bird crushing a man’s attention in some strange ritual? The creator of and showrunner Van Dusen told the Los Angeles Times that the 1995 BBC TV adaptation of » Pride and Prejudice » Influenced some of the show’s 40A4 scenes obviously, Colin Firth coming out of that lake with the white shirt is wanted in my mind, « Van Dusen told the Los Angeles Times. » But I wanted to see a period piece that went beyond that.

the nearest replication could be in episode six when Daphne and Simon celebrate their honeymoon outside in the rain. Simon is seen using a white button below, just like Mr. Darcy in « Pride and Prejudice ». Darcy is soaked in the lake and Simon is in the rain. Both scenes capture sexual tension, while Van Dusen’s show follows him successfully.

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