Many Americans are reflecting on 2020 while making promises to themselves to make 2021 a better year.

And with only one day left, lifestyle and wellness coach Angela Joseph gives some advice.


“Start by upping your water every day, right? Just committing to that alone is going to give you more vitality, more energy, getting into bed by 9 o’clock, having your devices off,” 

She says creating healthy lifestyle habits starts with committing yourself to small things first and gradually increasing your commitments over time.

“If it is five minutes, commit daily to getting down and doing 10 pushups, and 10 squats, you know doing 10 jumping jacks for five minutes,” Joseph said. “Sometimes, I even have people start for a minute. Because once we’re there for a minute you know we want to go to the five minutes, once we’re there for the five minutes we want to go for the 10 minutes.”

With every minute she says it’s important to be incredibly patient with yourself and focus on mental health.


One local mom is doing just that.

“I just think it’s really important that we don’t put a lot of pressure on ourselves,” said mom Autumn Winsor.

Autumn Winsor says this year has been extremely tough for her due to facing the pandemic while juggling graduate school, homeschooling, and going through a divorce.

“It’s a lot and I know speaking for myself and a lot of people that I know, working out and getting away and being in that environment is kind of a way to decompress,” 

Both Winsor and Joseph say finding what works for you and taking care of the mind, body and spirit are most important coming into the New Year…

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