Jean Case is a force to be reckoned with. We’re talking at the Gramercy Tavern eatery in New York over examples of Bordeaux-style varietals from Early Mountain Vineyards, the Virginia winery she claims with her better half, AOL prime supporter Steve Case. Be that as it may, this effective businesswoman — who is CEO of the Case Foundation, leader of the National Geographic Society, and spent over 20 years in marketing and senior administration in the innovation world — is discussing water, not wine, and disappointment, not an achievement.

In particular, Case is reviewing what she considers “the most open disappointment of my expert life,” a $5 million venture the Case Foundation, which finances innovation and development focused on friendly change, had in a social effect business called PlayPumps in 2006. The thought was to create clean savoring water in sub-Saharan towns by utilizing youngsters’ carousels to siphon the water…

The issue, as it before long turned out to be obvious to the Cases and other monetary sponsor — including the Clinton Global Initiative and afterward First Lady Laura Bush — was that the siphoning innovation didn’t work in that frame of mind there was a lack of water regardless, or where the interest surpassed the unobtrusive inventory. Case let the world in on that the fabulous investigation had fizzled. She composed an exposition named, “The Painful Acknowledgment of Coming up Short,” which stays on the establishment site, and — in a presentation of why it’s essential to be vocal when an endeavor fizzles — worked with the organization to make another methodology, in which PlayPumps are important for a bigger arrangement of clean-water advancements.

“I consider that inability to be the beginning of our Be Fearless work,” says Case. She’s alluding to a command the Case Foundation has taken on, which supports business people and associations able to face challenges and gain from disappointment. It is likewise the title of her most memorable book — Be Fearless: 5 Principles for a Life of Breakthroughs and Purpose (Simon and Schuster)

It is generally difficult for ladies to bounce in like that, she recognizes. “Ladies will quite often be fussbudgets; on the off chance that we don’t believe we will be perfect at something we don’t take it on. The facts really confirm that the world has less capacity to bear ladies and their staggers than it accomplishes for men, yet the main response is to claim your missteps and perceive that deficiencies en route will prompt greater things not too far off.”

1. Make a Big Bet.

In the last part of the 1980s, Case had an extraordinary occupation as a component of a group attempting to drive troublesome advancement at General Electric. Not all that insane all things considered; the little startup became AOL.

2. Be intense, and face challenges.

Abruptly you have a structure. Going in, you realize that your assumption could work, yet it could not.”

3. Make disappointment matter.

The disappointment of PlayPumps drove Case to a totally different perspective about how to tackle issues. She says go full scale and host “fall flat fests,” in which business or magnanimous partners meet up to share their encounters and realize what’s worked and what hasn’t.

4. Arrive past your air pocket.

In 2003, Case was welcome to the George W. Shrubbery White House to be important for a gathering of private-area and religious pioneers formulating an arrangement to address the HIV/AIDS pandemic.”However, some way or another, we concocted a few substantial strides for the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. The most unique arrangements come from drawing in with individuals with different encounters — and getting them overall around the table on the double.”

5. Allow earnestness to vanquish dread.

“Dauntlessness isn’t the absence of dread,…