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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has been around for over 10 years. Yet it is still as popular as ever. What for?

“This is 2009, after the financial crisis that shook the world. Information will soon spark waves in the corners of the planet: the exit of the Bitcoin “BTC”. This cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto – we still do not know the true identity of Satoshi – becomes the first electronic money worthy of the name. More than a decade after its launch, it continues to race to the top of cryptocurrencies”.

To what the Bitcoin “BTC”, the dean of assets digital, does it owe its success? Here are some reasons.

Bitcoin, the convenient asset for making transfers

“Transfer from fiat currency using traditional financial institutions takes time and involves relatively high transaction fees. These fees increase further when the amount to be transferred is large. Bitcoin (BTC), on the other hand, breaks the trend. Indeed, it gives the possibility to its users to make fast transfers around the world, while making savings. Moreover, transfers are made without the intermediary of a third party. Let’s explain”.

“A BTC user who lives in the United States wishes to make a transfer to another user who lives in France. If it sends a small amount of BTC, the operation can be relatively expensive. Conversely, if he sends a large amount, the operation is cheaper. For example, for a transfer of $45 million, the transaction fee is only about $50. But if it were fiat currency, the transaction fees would be higher.”..

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