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Angelina Jolie Reportedly Visits Ex-Husband Johnny Lee Miller’s Apartment In NYC

Angelina Jolie was photographed showing up at her ex Jonny Lee Miller’s apartment complex while conveying a Louis Vuitton tote and a costly jug of wine.

Angelina Jolie, 46, knocked some people’s socks off the evening of June 11 when she was seen showing up to the structure her ex Jonny Lee Miller, 48, lives in Brooklyn, NY. The actress was photographed wearing a tan overcoat and dark face cover as she conveyed a white Louis Vuitton tote more than one shoulder during the excursion. She likewise had a costly container of Peter Michael Wine in one hand as she opened the entryways of the home with the other. Look at the pics HERE!


After supposedly remaining at the condo for around three hours, she was seen leaving through similar arrangement of entryways she showed up at around 10:30 pm. Jonny wasn’t seen until the following morning, when he went for a stormy occupation nearby while wearing a blue coat with the hood over his head.

It’s not satisfactory why Angelina went to Jonny’s home however the visit comes five days after she showed up in the Big Apple for a birthday festivity with her every one of the seven of her children, who she imparts to ex Brad Pitt, Page Six detailed.

The previous lovebirds have a ton of history together so a revived sentiment or simply a well disposed connection between them wouldn’t be excessively astounding. Subsequent to meeting on the arrangement of the 1995 film, Hackers, they began dating and wound up getting hitched in March 1996. They stood out as truly newsworthy when Angelina allegedly utilized her own blood to compose his name on a white shirt she acquired from him for their wedding.

Albeit the Angelina and Jonny appeared to be more enamored than any time in recent memory at that point, they wound up isolating by 1997 and in 1999, they formall petitioned for legal separation.

They’ve stayed well disposed with one another and both sincerely proceeded onward (she proceeded to wed and separation Billy Bob Thornton and Brad while he wedded and separated from Michele Hicks ) however Angelina has recently communicated lament over their split. “Jonny and I never battled and we never hurt one another. I truly needed to be his significant other. I truly needed to submit,” she told the Calgary Sun, as indicated by The Mirror…

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