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Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs at Catching the Coronavirus ?

Cats and dogs can be contaminated by the coronavirus – yet cats are more helpless to disease, another investigation proposes.

In the spring of 2020, as the novel coronavirus infiltrated the Twin Cities, Hinh Ly couldn’t quit considering cats and dogs.

a veterinary and biomedical researcher at the University of Minnesota realized that humans were the primary driver of the pandemic. However, he also realized that many individuals wanted to kiss and nestle their pets, in affliction and in health. He pondered: How transmissible was SARS-CoV-2 to humankind’s dearest companions?


In March of 2020, Dr. Ly learned that two dogs in Hong Kong had gotten positive P.C.R. tests for the virus. However, these tests require the virus to be actively replicating and consequently just reveal active contaminations. Swabbing the noses of many pets struck Dr. Ly as an excessively tedious way to sort out how easily the animals could be contaminated…

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