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The ranking of the best offices in the world has been compiled

Office work is often associated with boredom, but not boredom! Publishing Inc. has published a ranking of the world’s best offices that have opened this year. Which one is the most innovative, stylish and comfortable to work with?

It is not enough for a modern office space to be just comfortable, in order to be called the best of the best, it needs a twist. For example, the head of the top office is a real paradise for lovers of four-legged human friends!

The first place went to the company Bark, which manufactures products for dogs . Located in Columbus, USA, the office space is always full of these friendly animals. About fifty pets are in its premises every day. Therefore, in every room you can find benches for dogs, on the territory there is a playground for them, and the floors are covered with a special material based on cement and rubber, which is easy to clean.


The second position was taken by the Swiss digital marketing company Digital Luxury Group, more precisely, their office in Geneva… This space is designed in such a way as to deviate from the office concept as much as possible. One of the features: it has no reception. Stylish interior designed by experts from Bloomint Design.

In third place is the “office space” of the American firm Gusto, in San Francisco . They are developing cloud storage for small businesses. The area where the office is located used to be a shipyard. The architects from Gensler redesigned the industrial zone to make it comfortable to work in. At the same time, they retained an unusual atmosphere, leaving details such as freight lifts and cranes. The employees of Gusto are not devoid of a sense of humor, they gave the names of fictitious companies to the negotiation table. Donut Factory, for example (“Donut Factory”).

In a word, the tendency is that office premises are becoming more open, comfortable and conducive to work.

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