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6 ways small businesses can boost holiday sales in 2020 amid the pandemic

In contrast to most retailers, which see a business top over the colder time of year occasions, income at Potomac River Running, a chain of 10 claim to fame running stores in Washington, D.C., and Virginia, is most noteworthy throughout the spring and summer.
Be that as it may, this year, Covid closures hit the stores hard, with less sprinters preparing for huge races, less class kickoff deals, and less individuals out shopping by any means. Along these lines, proprietor Ray Pugsley is more centered than expected around capitalizing on the special seasons.
“The special seasons are large for us, however they’re normally not as large as the mid year,” Pugsley says. “In any case, this year, we will likely attempt to slice our 2020 misfortunes somewhat by beating our comps in the final quarter.”
To set up, the organization has supported its online deals, executed touchless exchanges, presented nearby conveyance, and made client blessing records, alongside setting up a scope of new security conventions in its stores.
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