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12 women who won the hearts of billionaires

There is a stereotype that rich men only date models. But in reality, billionaires fall in love with lawyers, economists, photographers and teachers.

We at  Bright Side have seen this by looking at the women who have become the second halves of the Forbes rating heroes.

Jeff Bezos’ Girlfriend – Lauren Sanchez

Jeff Bezos (currently it is $ 177 billion) 25 years, was married to the writer and philanthropist Scott Mackenzie. In 2019, they broke up. He is now dating actress Lauren Sanchez.

Lauren began her career as a journalist, appeared in cameo roles in popular films such as Fight Club, The Day After Tomorrow and Fantastic Four, and also received a pilot’s license because of her childhood interest in aviation. By the way, it was the love of airplanes that brought Sanchez and Bezos closer together. They talked about flying and realized that they had a lot in common…

Larry Ellison’s girlfriend – Nikita Kahn

Billionaire Larry Ellison (on his account $ 93 billion) has been married 4 times. Now the 76-year-old co-founder of Oracle Corporation is dating 30-year-old Nikita Kan. This girl was born in Ukraine, then moved to the United States, where she built a career in real estate. Nikita also tries himself as an actress and advocates for the protection of animal rights…

Sergey Brin’s wife – Nicole Shanahan

From 2007 to 2015, Google co-founder Sergey Brin ( the state  – $ 89 billion) was married to entrepreneur and director of the biotech company 23andMe Anne Vodzhitski. 


Then the billionaire found a new passion – lawyer Nicole Shanahan. Nicole is the founder of ClearAccessIP, a company that works at the intersection of law and modern software development. Also this girl gives attention to research in the field of reproductive health.Bryn married Nicole in 2018 and the couple have a daughter…

Mukesha Ambani’s wife is Nita Ambani

The richest man in Asia Mukesh Ambani (on his account $ 84.5 billion) has been married to Nita Ambani for 36 years . Nita  is a teacher, professional dancer who owns a subsidiary of the family oil concern and also does charity work.The Ambani family has 3 children…

Wives of the Walton brothers: Lynn McNabb Walton (husband – Jim Walton) and Melanie Lawman Walton (husband – Rob Walton)

Left to right: Jim Walton, Jim and Rob’s sister Alice, Jim’s wife Lynn McNabb, Rob’s wife Melanie Lowman and Rob.

The Waltons are America ‘s richest family. The heirs of Walmart co-founders Jim, Alice and Rob have a net worth of $ 247 billion. Jim is married to Lynn McNabb and is in business. Rob is married to Melanie Lowman. She worked in real estate and was also a basketball coach. Alice has been married twice, but is now single…

Dan Gilbert’s Wife – Jennifer Gilbert

Co-founder of the largest US mortgage lender – Quicken Loans – Dan Gilbert (he  owns $ 51.9 billion) is married to Jennifer Gilbert. She is involved in design and art, and also draws attention to the search for a cure for neurofibromatosis, which was diagnosed in her eldest son Nick.

Stephen Schwartzman’s wife – Christine Hirst Schwartzman

The head of the investment company Blackstone Group, Stephen Schwarzman ( the state  – $ 21.9 billion), married to Christine Hearst Schwarzman. She has a law degree and a successful career in this field. Now Christine is involved in charity work. Also, the billionaire’s wife loves dancing.

Leonid Blavatnik’s wife – Emily Blavatnik

Leonid Blavatnik became a billionaire thanks to diversified investments and the success of his company Access Industries. Now he has $ 32 billion on his account . Little is known about Leonid’s wife Emily. Probably the most striking fact about this couple is that they used to like to throw big parties in the style of “Great Gatsby”.

Leonard Lauder’s wife is Judy Ellis Glickman

Leonard Lauder ran the family business, the cosmetics company Estée Lauder. Thanks to this, he managed to earn $ 25.5 billion. Leonard is married to Judy Ellis Glickman. She is an acclaimed photographer whose work has been exhibited around the world and has become part of over 300 private and public collections.

James Harris Simons’ wife – Marilyn Harris Simons

Mathematician James Harris Simons is called the world’s smartest billionaire. He was also named the best investor in history by The Economist . James is happily married to Marilyn Harris Simons. Marilyn has a Ph.D. in economics and is the founder of one of the largest charities, the Simons Foundation.

Stefan Persson’s wife – Caroline Denise Persson

Stefan Persson is the chairman of the board of directors and the largest shareholder of H&M, founded by his father. On  account of Stefan $ 21.3 billion. He is married to Caroline Denise Persson. Caroline is a housewife who loves to spend time with her family.

Phil Knight’s Wife – Penny Knight

Phil Knight is the founder of Nike, he  made $ 49.9 billion. In 1968, Phil met the love of his life – Penny. They are still happy together. Penny is a philanthropist and she and her husband help cancer centers.

Which of these couples seemed the most harmonious to you?

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